The devil is in the data

From moments to dates, from anecdotes to facts, everything is data. We handle your unstructured and structured data needs, converting data into accessible, interactive and manageable content.

Glazed Stoneware, 1050º
28 x 23 x 16 cm
1,8 Kg
By Tessa (Teresa Sánchez Cerezuela)

Choosing the best and most versatile approach to handle your data means to offer and work with storage engines able to do it all, sql and no-sql and able to scale with your growing demands. Over the last years we’ve developed several business solutions based on ArangoDb, a state of the art, multi-model storage engine with incredible features.
The following screenshot reflects a data graph preview inside of the storage backend interface.

Artificial Intelligence discussion graph

On the front end the graph data is adapted to comply with the look and feel and the desired functionality showing up as an interactive vector graphic based interface, here as a vertical tree navigation combined with an svg breadcrumb and a sunburst representation using d3js:

A no-sql, graph based discussion flow interface

But not all projects need full-fledged and expensive database solutions. This website for example uses a CMS called GRAV that handles all data needs in flat files. Thus, analyzing your true data needs and good, market-aware consultancy is one of the most important aspects to establish a lasting business relation.