A simple while versatile design study that makes art more interesting than design...

Studio - a design étude

Uli Hake

Robert Filliou, the great and nearly forgotten Fluxus artist coined the koan: "Art is what makes life more interesting than art". But distractions matter and may become more important than art and life. Many sites dedicated to art presentation plaster the vision with logos, navigations, menus, icons, sidebars, indices. STUDIO, the template of this site, is a design study by saveva that tries to minimize these distractions using as a design principal "art first", "content first".

studio template

The template engine STUDIO was written for GRAV. Studio offers a distraction free, content centered design not only for artists and art presentation but as well for photographers and personal showcases. Studio is packed with some useful administration features like an

  1. enhanced page administration including StackEdit as content editor
  2. support for all kind of media, background videos and external services like youtube, vimeo
  3. Image management to downsize and adapt images automatically offering srcset variants for different resolutions and devices
  4. A viewport media object resizer that tries to fit exposed gallery objects within the viewport (the available screen size) and a click to zoom media representations once downscaled during the process.
  5. Enhanced galleries with catalogue functionality
  6. Exhibition indexer for nice overviews and menus
  7. Three view modes for your exhibition projects: overlay to preview media, a gallery roundtrip, which works like a guided tour through all of your projects and a single page view that works well with search providers like Google.
  8. STUDIO includes two dedicated plugins for the background work:

    a) the studioeditor: a admin enhancer, kind of the missing pro version for the GRAV admin plugin

    b) the studiolizer: a service integrator for internal and external service providers

Studio can be adapted to all kind of looks and feels. You can create your sub theme on top.