Digital vitae

After studying Philosophy, English and Spanish Uli Hake was contracted by his university in Germany to promote international relations. In touch with digital and print media he decides to push things further and engages, till today, with programming languages and design. He developed and published one of the first university web sites in Germany. Once independent, he worked for his own and other universities, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Krupp-Thyssen and many others.

Informix-C, Cisco routers and SUN workstations were part of his everyday environment and vocabulary during his first years in the computer business, apart from all the surprisingly new stuff in those remote years like SGML, HTML, XML, Java, Javascript and Perl. Today he works with vuejs, arangodb, nodejs and other state of the art technologies and he’s an expert for Customer Relation Management (CRM) as well as Content Management Systems (CMS).

After six years of entrepreneurship, as founder and owner of a full service internet company being one of the first internet providers in Germany with his company, he felt that it was time for a change and he moves to Barcelona. From 2000 to 2003 he works in the World Trade Center of Barcelona as head of the technical department in the delegation of one of the biggest French internet agencies. From 2003 onwards he works as a freelancer for public institutions like the Catalonian Government, the Public Health Service and hospitals as well as for private companies like AMGEN, Almirall or the ATP tournaments in Barcelona and Valencia.

Uli Hake speaks several human and even more computer-based languages.

Apart from developing data, code and design solutions for small projects Uli Hake offers project management and execution working together with a team of experienced designers, data engineers, programmers, system administrators and consultants.

Apart from his professional dedication, he volunteers in the Arttower Barcelona, the cultural trademark of the Historical Society of the Poblenou Quarter in Barcelona.

Uli Hake